ImagineA new way of running SAP in the cloud

Our belief

Hostingno hardware

SimplyRun was born in the Cloud. The advantages are simple: endless scalability in capacity, creating new instances within minutes and not weeks, security at every layer and optimal TCO.

Contractno lock-in

We believe in long-term relationships with our customers, rather than long term contracts. This requires flexibility and adaptability in our mutual agreements. All contracts are flexibly adaptable.

Supportno offshoring

High-quality support services require understanding how the organization works, its processes and supporting platforms. Our support team acts at arms-length to acquire understanding of your business and speak your language.

Our customers have three things in common

  • They understand they must be ready for the cloud-era
  • They know what they search for in real partnership
  • They acknowledge that control is key in their fast-changing business environments
That drives our DNA

Our customers

Our partners

Simply run your IT

Imagine what you could do if...

  • Your simplified IT landscape ran in your own Cloud landingzone at optimal costs with maximal flexibility
  • Your critical systems were managed by the best consultants in the market
  • You had complete control over making your IT platform future-proof

Want to know how, simply reach out to me via or call me at +31 (0)85 7820405.

Jeroen Seuntiëns